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You may not like social networking because people tends to spend all day posting about how great their meal was or they even report every second of theirs daily activity.
But you as developer can get  advantage of this whole situation!
Why ? Because people rarely logs out from their FB accounts and as they stay logged in we can use FB api to log in to our apps/web applications etc.
Because users like to forget their passwords there is a way to use login information of facebook, gmail or other apps to help users with this matter.
I’ll do my best to show you how to do it and will describe solution to every obstacle known to me.
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Fire in the hole!


Fire in the hole!

In my personal opinion fire is second most important thing ( after water ) in terms of survival. It can rise your confidence, boost your morale by giving warmth in your improvised shelter and of course it helps to prepare your meal.

I think everyone at least once made normal campfire and I will cover this matter in other article.
Let’s focus on special kind of fireplace called Dakota Fire Pit.
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